COLLABORATION is the software,
COWORKING is the hardware.

This is a place you should go if you want to concentrate and focus on your project for a while. You can do it alone and write your book, paint your canvas, or study your subjects but, you can also work with other creatives in an inspiring atmosphere. The architecture of the house and it’s design can open you doors and unlock some creative thoughts. If you need to relax just lay on the big balcony and drink some tea watching the surroundings from a privileged location. This is where our team from Porto is working from fully focused and inspired. Feel like them.
Begin your day with a good bicycle ride watching the sea and take a dip. Come to the house, enjoy the company of people or just the plants that are in the garden. Listen to the goals of the workers in the house and change ideas or thoughts and make a goal for your day. By the end of it just go to the kitchen and drink some good wine and enjoy the rest of your day.
Reach for your goals but always enjoy every moment.

This is ideal for Entrepreneurs, founders, start-ups or free-lancers or even book authors, creatives or artists and it is also a strategic retreat.

Facilities and Nearby

These are some of the services, utilities and facilities that are able in the house and in the neighbourhood.


Easy access to transport services that can get to you fast and easy like Cabify, Uber and the Train.


Relaxing palce outiside the house to grow and take care of your plants.


Near the sea there is a bicycle lane good for a ride and to do some exercise.


The sea is very close to the house, just a few steps away and there is the beach.


Wifi in and out of the house.

Good view

From the balcony there is a nice view of all the surroundings.

"Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts will inevitably bring about right results."
James Allen

“Coworking spaces are created for the community and with the community in mind. It is not just a real estate business in which a physical space is rented: the role of the facilitator (or host, concierge, community leader, or any other title you want to use) is to enhance the connections and interactions of the coworkers to bring them value and to actively accelerate serendipity. It is a network, not just a place. It is not enough to put a bunch of people together in a room: you must work hard to create the right interactions that form a sense of community.”
Ramon Suarez


If you’re a passionate worker or just need a good time relaxing and enjoying the moment, send your resume and details.

Rua das Moutadas, n61
4405-665 Gulpilhares
Porto – Portugal