New media,

new possibilities

The communication landscape changes massively. Classic ways of advertising increasingly become dead end streets. Media Budgets in mass media don’t bring the desired success anymore. But while old things fade new chances for customer communication arise.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat have become increasingly popular. Facebook, for example, has more than a billion users, in Germany there are already 33 million. Therefore, it’s not surprising that social media is an important subject for marketing managers and in many companies already an important component of the communication mix.

Facebook Users in Germany

Opportunities for companies

Direct communication with


Direct communication with


Direct communication with


New media, new challenges


The implementation is challenging,
new ways of working are needed to be successful.

The following applies

-> Develop effective social media strategies

-> Define goals and KPIs

-> Select the appropriate platforms

-> Create content strategies in order to win fans and followers

-> Take continuous success measurements to adjust your next steps

The task of the agency is to appeal to the spirit of innovation of their client and give him an introduction into the world of social media. An agency can or should bring a fresh wind into the already existing communication and look at the company with a new view. In agencies, there is usually a large creative department, and creativity is the focal point of social media.

The workshop

Our one-day workshop is aimed at companies of all kinds who want to integrate social media into their communication or optimise their already existing activities Especially:

Marketing Managers
PR Managers
Online Marketing Managers
Social Media Representatives

Our goal is to give a introduction to the topic, which will enable and facilitate the effective use of social media to achieve corporate goals.

In presentations with tips and examples, you will get to know the possibilities and platforms of social media. As well as what it takes to distinguish your brand / company in the big networks.

We will talk about social media goals, strategies to achieve them and ways to measure your success. To ensure that it is not just theory, we will work together to identify the appropriate platforms for your brand in interactive working sessions and develop your own content strategy.

Goals and Strategies

1. Building brand awareness

The support of brand awareness is still top priority.

2. Demand for active interaction with brands and companies

Today’s social media users are primarily interested in building long-term profit-making relationships.

3. Generation of sales leads

The saying “fish where the fish are” is more relevant than ever before.

4. Customer Service 2.0

Immediacy and personal interaction make the social networks to a perfect platform.

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